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2013 ARTreach Program Application

Name of Buyer - Non-Profit Agency, School, Library, Church, City or government entity
Contact name
email address
Which ARTreach Program are you applying for?
 Mentoring through Art (children at risk)
 Within My Reach (special needs)
 ARTbeat (senior citizens/elderly)
 Juvenile Justice
 Community Programs
Address and place of program/workshop/residency
Date of presentation/or start date for weekly programs
What type of program delivery are you seeking?
 monthly or one time staged/concert/cultural arts presentation
 weekly and ongoing visual art or performing arts program (annual programs scheduled 36-48 weeks)
 one time workshop delivered in a classroom/library
 Summer and/or Holiday camps
 residency (short term) 2-4 weeks
 residency (longer term) 8-16 weeks
 Community Engagement/Day of Caring
Do you have an AM or PM time slot determined?
 AM 8-10
 AM 9-11
 AM 10-12
 PM 1-3
 PM 2-4
 PM 3-5
 PM 5-7
 PM 6-8
 PM 6-10
Do you need financial support provided by the community or the state?
 Yes, please send a contract for Arts Respond program support. We will be applying for a grant from The Texas Commission on the Arts to help us establish a budget for art programs this year.
 No, we have our own funding and are seeking quality programs that work within our current budget.
 We are only looking for free services and in-kind programs we do not have to pay for. (ARTreach will sponsor pilots and new projects serving needy communities, but all programs carry actual expenses related to staff and volunteer training and necessary art supplies. Resource sharing and strategic partnerships must be established to support free programs and services in all applications.)
Please describe your need and the population you serve
How will you be able to support our documentation and evaluation process?
 By allowing for the submission of approved photos
 By collecting testimony from participating staff and students
 By providing a letter of support for ARTreach Programs
 By writing a thank you letter to your legislators for supporting TCA funding
 By attending the annual ARTreach Advisors Meeting to report on outcomes and upcoming needs
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ARTreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides mentoring and art-related programs to a growing population of children at risk, children and adults with special needs, the elderly and others in need.