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Making it Better -ARTreach Program at Kennedy Place

Address:  3100 Gillespie St. Houston, TX 77020

ARTreach Program Director: Corey Greene
Dates delivered 1:45pm-3:15pm, Wednesdays 10-30-13, 11-6-13, 11-13-13, 11-20-13, 12-4-13

This ARTreach program was delivered as a five-week hip hop dance residency. The classes started with a warm-up consisting of stretches and drills. The students were taught various hip hop/ break dance moves and created unique choreography for videos and playback.

Thank you to our artists and volunteers involved: Omar Gamez, and Melissa Greene

This is an ARTreach "Mentoring through Art" program that supports education and enrichment

The students were excited to see the ARTreach crew return each week.  Our Making it Better (partner) and parents had expressed concern about homework. Our class became the motivator for the kids to complete their homework so they could participate in the dance workshop.

An outstanding moment occured when we walked into class, and one of the kids were practicing on an acoustic guitar.  This sparked and idea to make a music video incorporating their new-found skills. One child played a simple melody and another would come in with a beat using the table top. Our other students acknowledged this spontaneous jam-session and begin to dance using some of the new moves they learned in class. Through this effort, we implemented “multiple takes” to create a more professional video segment, and taught the students a few acting skills to remain “in character”.

Corey Greene directs programs for Making it Better at Kennedy Place, Belmont and Revere Middle School. See Video below - Be all you can be!

ARTreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides mentoring and art-related programs to a growing population of children at risk, children and adults with special needs, the elderly and others in need.