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About ARTreach / Funding

Funding Sources

ARTreach earns around 33% of its income via program fees that are paid for by social service agencies and school districts. The Program fees are subsidized by community donations, state grants and private foundations to make up the balance of income needed to support ARTreach programs and overall operations.
Grants and donations made to ARTreach cover all operating and program expenses exceeding the basic fees associated with professional teaching artists and quality necessary art supplies earned through program fees.

ARTreach's annual fundraising goal is to make the programs affordable and attainable to a growing list of state supported social service agencies serving foster care children, health and human service agencies serving seniors, low income or indigent populations requesting program support from ARTreach. Program fees are budgeted for agencies and ARTreach services are contracted.

ARTreach receives grants supporting our program operations and this helps keep program fees affordable to non-profit partners and school districts and free to the populations served. ARTreach relies on artists and volunteers willing to serve, and our partnerships to leverage our core strengths, and to improve service delivery and impact on neglected populations. 

Below is an average break down of our income sources supporting general programs operations: 

It is important to note, that since 2010, ARTreach as grown from 21% earned via Program fees to almost 35% earned thanks to our capabilities and high program standards related to artistic integrity and impact and the funding TCA provides to ARTreach social service partners applying for grant support.

 This increase represents a fair distribution of costs and responsibility shared between the community and the state to support the arts serving low income and neglected populations.


40% Program fees
60% Contributions

ARTreach wishes to thank the following organizations for their continued support of our programs:

The George Foundation

Houston Endowment

Fort Bend Junior Service League

Harry S. and Isabel C. Cameron Foundation

Texas Commission on the Arts


ARTreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides mentoring and art-related programs to a growing population of children at risk, children and adults with special needs, the elderly and others in need.