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Artists / Mark Deleon

Mark Deleon
Visual Arts - Instruction, Painting and Mixed Media

Local Houston artist, Mark Deleon, is a self-taught mixed media artist. The artwork that is created within ARTreach programs is used to inspire thought, self-expression and creativity by fusing contemporary and traditional techniques.
Mark has been working with ARTreach since 2012 as an artist-in-residence and, as of 2014, is now leading his own programs serving children at risk and performances for the community-at-large. Each program is created with a youthful approach in mind. Group projects have included a collaborative mural workshop in which particpants learn to work together and share ideas in creating a large, 5-piece mural that now hangs in their living space. Other projects consist of assigning one word to each student such as, "freedom" and having them interpret the word onto canvas artistically. While teaching, Mark fosters an atmosphere of creative thinking and team-building among his students. His sole purpose is to leave his students inspired and encouraged, with a new and different approach to seeing and creating art.

Apart from working with ARTreach, Mark is a professional mural, portrait and live-painting artist, who is often requested for commissioned work. In addition, he has had the opportunity to work closely with the Katy Contemporary Arts Museum and has showcased his work in different events. Although Mark is an independent artist, he has collaborated with SonKiss’d Dance Theater. During dance performances, Mark creates a painting amid movement and music as part of the performance, capturing dance and figure painting in unison with a fluid style.

Mark enjoys working with ARTreach. His programs leave a lasting impression with every student, with every project and instills a voice to be heard in an imagination to be unwound.

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ARTreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides mentoring and art-related programs to a growing population of children at risk, children and adults with special needs, the elderly and others in need.