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Program Offerings / Visual Arts Workshops / Visual Journaling


Visual Journaling
Jill Brown, Professional Teaching Artist
1.5 hour workshop :  $225
Participant Limit:
12 participants
Serving Youths (ages 10-17), Seniors, Individuals with Special Needs

Sometimes it is hard to articulate ideas in sentence form. Visual Journaling is a creative way to express one's thoughts, feelings, memories, and life experiences through art. This workshop will focus on tapping into one's inner self. With the use of words, photos, magazine pictures, doodles, Zentangles, colors, pieces of newspapers, and mixed media art techniques, each participant will have the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that clearly conveys their thoughts and artistic vision. It further allows them to explore the connection between words and images. Students will be given prompts that will lead them through the creative process. The teacher will provide all materials needed to make their unique piece of work. Expressive writing has long been used as a healing tool in therapeutic art workshops. Discover how Visual Journaling goes beyond the written word and opens the heart to innate, clear thinking. Workshop can be modified for 1 hour.

ARTreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides mentoring and art-related programs to a growing population of children at risk, children and adults with special needs, the elderly and others in need.